About the Global Scaling Challenge

What is the Global Scaling Challenge?

 The Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico invites schools, faculty/mentors, and students to participate in the Global Scaling Challenge. The Challenge offers participating teams and mentors a unique opportunity to understand and solve complex scaling needs and challenges that firms face operating in a highly diverse environment. These are real firms and the expert-led student teams will be presenting their ideas to these firms and judges in a live internet-based format.

The competition will challenge student teams and mentors to comprehend complex scaling challenges/needs of ‘live’ entrepreneurial small firms and design strategies for their short-term and long-term growth. The Challenge allows the mentored student teams to assess the practical relevance of their learning and knowledge in a new and highly diverse operating environment. The Challenge also invites entrepreneurial firms, with high growth aspirations seeking to position their firms for future growth, to apply for the competition.

Given the tremendous response to the Challenge from schools, mentors, and student teams from around the world, participating firms will receive innovative advice from a highly talented and diverse pool of students, faculty, and mentors. We also invite faculty, experts, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to serve as judges for the Challenge. The Challenge features over $35,000 in awards and recognition for participating teams.

Please complete the appropriate application if you are interested in participating in the competition.

Why is the Global Scaling Challenge different from other business case competitions?

Unlike other case competitions, student team presentations will be made of and to "real" firms in a "live" setting. The expert-led student teams will benefit from working with company executives and founders on current problems they face. Participating firms benefit from new perspectives on the current business challenges they face with innovative scaling directions. 

Who can apply to the Global Scaling Challenge?

The Global Scaling Challenge is open to any international student teams. To guarantee your spot, teams should reserve their place before January 20, 2024. Full Registration of teams is required before February 12, 2024.

Local and International Businesses can apply with their firm scaling case involving a 21st Century Global Scaling Challenge before March 1, 2024.

Apply for the Challenge!

When are the important dates and deadlines?

There are many deadlines for the GSC.  Visit the Important Dates page for the latest dates and deadlines.

What are the awards for the 2024 Global Scaling Challenge?

Over $35,000 will be distributed in student team prizes, awards, and internships.  The awards for the student groups are:

  • Gold Medal:  $15,000
  • Silver Medal:  $10,000
  • Bronze Medal:  $5,000
  • Regional Challenge Medal: $7,500*
*The top qualifier from each regional challenge will be awarded $2,500

How does the Global Scaling Challenge work?

This Challenge is compatible with today's COVID-induced "Low Touch Environment." The Challenge will utilize virtual conferencing technology to ensure COVID-safe practices. Your teams will present to each firm and judging panel in real-time from your location. Each presentation will feature an interactive portion with the judging panel and participating firms. The Challenge consists of a one-day Regional Qualifier based on your university's hemisphere (Round One). Up to 24 teams will qualify and be invited to the main event (Rounds Two and Three).

How does each round work?

Each round will feature a scaling challenge case from a real-world Firm. Student competitors will receive the round’s business case two weeks prior to the challenge and have these two weeks to prepare their scaling solutions for each case. Teams are required to turn in their slide deck the day of the event and be present during their session (Around ~2 hours). During each session, student teams will give a 10-minute presentation and take up to 10 minutes of Q&A from the firm’s leadership and a judging panel. This panel of distinguished judges, that will include the top management of participating firms, will select the winning team following the GSC Judging Rubric provided in the Challenger Handbook. The judges will assess each team’s understanding of the firm and important issues, the quality of analysis, and the practical relevance of innovative recommended solutions.

Over $35,000 USD will be awarded to the top scoring teams.

How to prepare for each round?

Two weeks before each round, approved student teams and their mentor will receive case material directly from the firm (e.g., a video of the firm along with documents highlighting important scaling goals and issues). The teams will also receive an information workup from Boston Analytics, an artificial intelligence-based company providing big-data market insights individualized for each firm’s case. Each team will use the shared case material, do their research to analyze the firm, and develop implementable strategies to recommend for the firm’s short-term and long-term growth. Slide decks and other exhibits used in the presentation are required to be turned in before your team's session.